Suffolk University Chapter


Our Mission

At Suffolk University's FintechWomen Chapter, we intend to generate growth opportunities by introducing members to an experienced pool of growth-minded professionals and developing mutually valuable relationships. 

We seek to build a vibrant fintech community by creating a more prepared workforce of students who possess the knowledge and skills necessary to develop innovative fintech solutions. 

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What we offer:

Fintech Workshops: Look to develop highly sought soft skills that will contribute to continuous success in jobs. Provide members with emerging technologies and trends seminars. We also provide tips on building resumes, interview prep, cover letters, etc. 

Career development: We wish to introduce members to internships and jobs by facilitating mentorships and networking events among faculty and fin+tech industry professionals. 

Academia: Cultivate intentional discussions about fintech trends that lead to research and well-rounded candidates. Our panels will feature powerful professionals in Fintech that will share their experience, how they achieve their success, and helpful advice. We hope to encourage innovation through these discussions and incite students' curiosity to combine finance and technology and develop sustainable start-ups.

Training: Hands-on projects will allow members to gain field-related experience, with the main focus on blockchain and digital assets. 


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